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St. Vincent Just Dropped "Pills," Another 'MASSEDUCTION' Preview

Her signature riffs are out in full force, thank god.
Lauren O'Neill
Longreads Or Whatever

Peering into the Abyss with Ryan Adams

We join the newly-divorced singer in LA to dissect his 16th LP 'Prisoner,' but wind up discussing loneliness, black holes, Taylor Swift, and everything in-between.
Eve Barlow

Holy Shit Yes! It's Nice As Fuck's Video for "Door"

Jenny Lewis, Erika Forster, and Tennessee Thomas premiere their first video and it's set in Thomas's East Village HQ, The Deep End Club, where the scheming began…
Kim Taylor Bennett
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Sound Advice Is Back with Jenny Lewis and Solid Talks on Weed

Really dope gongs and stuff.
John Hill

Chris Crocker Sings Death Cab for Cutie–Like Songs About Life After Britney

Even if you know only one thing about Chris Crocker, you can probably work out what "three words" he's referring to in the title of his debut album More Than Three Words.
John Norris
Lollapalooza 2014

The Scenes of Lollapalooza, Day Two

OutKast, Jenny Lewis, Vic Mensa, and all of the raver girls and bros wild n' out.
Noisey Staff

Sippin' the Kool-Aid of the Cosmos with Jenny Lewis

Jenny Lewis opens up about her new album The Voyager, dealing with loss, and battling insomnia.
Caitlin White

Meet Geronimo: LA Musicians’ Go-to Girl for Cool Threads

A one time merch girl for Rilo Kiley and a former Rodarte intern, Jenny "Geronimo" Reyes' designs have been worn by Jenny Lewis, Haim, The Veronicas, Azure Ray, Z Berg, and Winona Ryder…
Kim Taylor Bennett