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The VICE Morning Bulletin

At least 11 killed in California wildfires, Hollywood speaks out against Harvey Weinstein, and more.


Jails are replacing visits with video chats and families are devastated

The replacement of in-person jail visits with video calls.


California Wants Marijuana Growers to Please Stop Destroying the Environment

A new law will fine marijuana grows that create environmental damages, like polluting local rivers and cutting down trees.


Questions We Have About the Masonic Fraternal Police Department

Illuminati-loving police impersonators were in court Thursday, but so far they've stayed quiet on what they're up to and why there's a photo of one of them with Bill Clinton.


'Skinny' Health Insurance Plans Are Letting Large Employers Continue to Deny Basic Medical Care to Their Workers

Big corporations are taking advantage of a loophole in Obamacare.


The ACLU Is Fighting to Keep Revenge Porn Safe and Legal for Pervs

Your vagina has less of a right to privacy than your credit card numbers or medical records. That's objectively fucked up.


California Lawmakers Want to Limit Police Drones, but Activists Want Them Banned

California lawmakers just passed new limits on how police can use drones, but some argue that only legitimizes their use—and that police shouldn't have them at all.


Liberals Won’t Let the Death Penalty Die

A conservative judge ruled that California's death penalty was "cruel and unusual punishment," but Democrats are refusing to accept the repeal of capital punishment.


Corporations Are Cashing in on California's Prison Overcrowding Crisis

California is being forced by the courts to move inmates out of its overcrowded prison system, which is just another opportunity for the people who make money from incarceration to cash in.


Just Close Down California's Prisons Already

California has to reduce its prison population by 8,000 because some judges said so, but apparently it's really hard to let people out of overcrowded cages.


America's Water Crisis

Freshwater in California's San Joaquin Valley is on the brink of disappearing. While Governor Jerry Brown’s proposal for a peripheral canal is reigniting centuries-old battles over water rights, environmentalists, citizens, and billionaires are all...