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America's First Legit Weed Cafe Has Nearby Synagogue Worried About the Contact High

The city of Los Angeles has approved a cannabis cafe, but the attendees of Congregation Kol Ami don't want to be neighbors.
Jelisa Castrodale
5 days ago

Ari Shaffir Is Tearing Down God in His New Stand-Up Hour

We spoke to comedian Ari Shaffir about exploring religion and identity in a time of political correctness.
Nick Rose

Meet the Canadian Who Wants to be Poland’s ‘Luckiest Jew’

Michael Rubenfeld has taken an offensive custom and put his own spin on it.
Graham Isador

Bleak Photos of Georgia's Lonely, Dwindling Jewish Population

Self-taught photographer Tariq Zaidi's striking images tell the story of the last Jews in the former Soviet country.
Tariq Zaidi
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New York Teen Charged in Synagogue Fire

It's still unclear if anti-Semitism had a hand in the crime's motivation.
Drew Schwartz

Hate On the Rise

But Trump is not to blame, says B’nai Brith
Rachel Browne
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LIVE: Trump Offers Remarks at the Holocaust Memorial Museum

The president is set to deliver remarks in DC for the Week of Remembrance at 11:20 AM EST.
VICE Staff
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There Have Already Been 35 Anti-Semitic Hate Crimes in New York City This Year

That's a 94 percent increase from just 18 anti-Jewish incidents at the end of February last year, according to the NYPD.
Brian Moylan
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Cops Found Roughly 100 Damaged Gravestones at Philadelphia Jewish Cemetery

The vandalism comes a week after police made a similar discovery at a Jewish cemetery in Missouri and Jewish community centers around the country reported receiving bomb threats.
Lauren Messman

Matty Matheson Eats Kosher with Montreal's Hipster Rabbi

On an all new episode of 'Dead Set on Life', Matty heads to one of Canada's oldest Jewish communities to explore the kosher food offerings.
VICE Staff

How Hungary's Anti-Semitic Far-Right Poster Boy Found Out He Was a Jew

In 2006, Csanád Szegedi was Vice President of the country's virulently anti-semitic Jobbik Party. Then, his career came tumbling down after it emerged that his family had survived Auschwitz and Nazi labour camps.
Philip Kleinfeld

The Crazy, Failed Idea of Creating a Jewish State in Russia

Birobidzhan was a small region near the Chinese border in Russian that was established as the world's first autonomous Jewish region in the early 1930s. It didn't last long. Author Masha Gessen discusses the strange history of the would-be territory.
Peter Moskowitz