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'Prince of Pot' Marc Emery responds to VICE News investigation on sexual misconduct

In a Facebook post, Emery claimed he’s “taken care of every employee and every woman” he’s ever known.


Inside Marc Emery's creepy cannabis empire

Groping, oral sex at work, drug-fuelled 'lotion parties' with teens — the degrading work culture allegedly created by Canada's Prince of Pot.


Marc Emery, Canada’s ‘Prince of Pot,’ Responds to Sex Assault Allegations

Emery admits he’s a “touchy guy” who would give back rubs to adult women or men at the Cannabis Culture store, but denied that he “sexually aggressed” anyone.


Marc and Jodie Emery Convicted of Selling Weed

The couple has been ordered to pay $150,000 each and stay out of the black weed market.


Ontario Plans To Sell Weed In a Handful of Government-run Stores

No one seems very happy with the move.


The Liberals Are Sending Former Police Chief Bill Blair on a National Weed Tour

Here’s your chance to tell the government what legalization should look like.


Marc Emery Has Been Released from Jail Following Montreal Pot Shop Raids

Ten weed activists, including Jodie and Marc Emery, were arrested and are now under investigation. Everyone except Marc was released Friday night.


Toronto Police Raid Recreational Weed Dispensary Openly Defying Current Laws

Toronto Police made three arrests at prominent marijuana activist Jodie Emery's dispensary, Cannabis Culture, this afternoon.


Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders Got Owned by Pot Activists at His Press Conference

'Dope on the table,' didn't quite go as planned for Toronto police after their massive weed crackdown.


The Cult of Marc Emery

We sent Damian Abraham to interview a freshly released from prison Marc Emery at his welcome home party in Toronto for the latest episode of "Canadian Cannabis."