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We Were One Home Run Away from Angry Joe Maddon Streaking Wrigley Field

Umpires reversed a strikeout in the eighth inning of Game 4 between the Dodgers and the Cubs, claiming Curtis Granderson fouled the ball off when he didn't. And then Maddon got ejected.
Sean Newell

Joe Maddon Is So Overrated

When something goes wrong, the Cubs manager wants us to squint to see the rope burns from where his hands were tied.
Kris Liakos
tampa bay rays

There's a New Philosophy in Tampa: Just Mash Baby

These are not Joe Maddon's Rays. They're content to wallop baseballs, and fine with whiffing on them, too.
Robert O'Connell

White Knuckles, Iffy Moves, and, Finally, a Cubs World Series Win

Game 7 was tense and dramatic, and both teams were changing everything on the fly. Then Ben Zobrist came up to the plate.
Robert O'Connell
aroldis chapman

What is Aroldis Chapman Going to Have Left for Game 7?

Joe Maddon's curious use of Aroldis Chapman continued into Game 6. Now what for Game 7?
Sean Newell

Rich Hill Struck Out Anthony Rizzo, Which Is October Baseball in a Nutshell

Rich Hill and Anthony Rizzo are stand-ins for their teams, and a reminder that the playoffs don't make any sense.
Robert O'Connell
weak in review

Knowing, Not-Knowing, October, And Letting Go: David Roth's Weak In Review

Baseball spends a great deal of time and effort trying to figure itself out, which is one of its charms. And then, in October, it's something else entirely.
David Roth
Chicago Cubs

Cubs Win Bananas Game on Jon Lester's Walk-Off Bunt

The Cubs beat the Mariners last night in a bonkers game that just about everything.
Sean Newell
when it happens

The Team Effort Behind Cubs Catching Phenom Willson Contreras

Willson Contreras has flattened the National League since debuting with the Cubs in late June. Here's how a cautious third baseman became a breakout catching star.
Rian Watt

The Cubs are Winning and Keeping Things Light

The Cubs are playing like an unstoppable force right now. And they're doing it while shirking many of the traditions that have been in the game forever.
Kevin Trahan

Watching Ben Zobrist, Always In The Right Place At The Right Time

Ben Zobrist has had a very successful but unusual career, both because he's been on the right teams in the right roles and because of how well he plays that role.
Robert O'Connell

The VICE Sports Guide To Coach Jams

Steve Kerr has been open about his love for Pearl Jam's "Yellow Ledbetter," which is brave. He's not alone in his music appreciation among the coaching fraternity.
Jeff Johnson, Alex Balk & David Roth