Joseph Boyden


The Comedy Group Dismantling Canadian Racism One Bad Take at a Time

We asked Folk Lordz why they went after accused cultural appropriator Joseph Boyden.
Jackson Weaver
Indigenous issues

Joseph Boyden’s Apology and the Strange History of ‘Pretendians’

Boyden is hardly the first person to be alleged to have faked Indigenous roots for material or spiritual gain.
Nigel Irwin

Author Joseph Boyden sorry for being the 'go-to' on Indigenous issues

Acclaimed author Joseph Boyden has issued an apology for being "too vocal" on many Indigenous issues.
Rachel Browne

What Colour Is Your Beadwork, Joseph Boyden?

He’s one of Canada’s biggest literary stars. But who is he really?
Ryan McMahon
First Nations

Controversy over Canadian author Joseph Boyden's Indigenous roots isn't about blood

As debate grows ever fierce over the literary star ancestry, academics and authors say anyone who thinks the matter can be solved with a DNA test is grossly misinformed.
Steven Goetz

Why Every Canadian Author Has an Opinion About a Campus Sex Assault Case

UBC's creative writing chair Steven Galloway was fired this summer following an investigation into sexual assault. The ensuing avalanche of takes has been called "THE GREAT CANLIT CIRCLE JERK OF 2016."
Sarah Berman
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“It Sounds Like Demons Are Coming Out of Her": A Conversation with Tanya Tagaq

Watch award-winning Canadian author Joseph Boyden talk to the Inuk throat singer about her latest album 'Retribution.'
Max Mertens

Everyone Needs to Watch This New Heritage Minute About Residential Schools

In honour of National Aboriginal Day, Historica Canada updated the hokey historical video series with an honest, emotional look at residential schools.
Amil Niazi

​The Writer of Canada's Bloodiest Novel Talks About Violence and Cultural Genocide

Joseph Boyden sat down with VICE to about intergenerational trauma and how it's shaped communities like Attawapiskat.
Amil Niazi

'Radicalized' Quebec Attacker Martin Rouleau Is Already Being Martyred by ISIS Fighters

Even as authorities try to figure out his motives, the alleged murderer is being praised on social media by extremists.
Ben Makuch