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The Speedrunner Who Wasn’t: How a Community Dealt with an Elaborate Cheater

It would take weeks of defensive public statements, private battles, Reddit threads, and hostile exchanges with a reporter before the truth came out.
Patrick Klepek
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We Need to Talk About 'Final Fantasy VII' And Spoilers

A whole generation of players didn't experience [blank]. Are we allowed to talk about [blank]?
Patrick Klepek
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‘Xenoblade Chronicles X’ Is 2015’s Most Eye-Popping Open-World Game

Monolith Soft's epic-scale JRPG looks and feels entirely unlike any other game out there, and is well worth taking a chance on.
Sayem Ahmed
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‘Undertale’ Is One of the Most Remarkable Video Games Ever Made

Toby Fox's new game, currently the highest-rated PC title of all time, remembers whether you've been naughty or nice.
David Whelan
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‘Persona 4’ Was the Game That Showed Me a Childhood Beyond My Muslim Household

The JRPG helped me face my own "shadow" and overcome my social obstacles.
Sayem Ahmed

Queer Gaming Conference GX Is Coming to Australia

GX was started as a reaction to gaming's dominant "bro" culture, and serves as a place for queer geeks to hang out and enjoy cool shit in a safe, inclusive space.
Wendy Syfret
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How to Avoid Sucking at ‘Xenoblade Chronicles’

The critically acclaimed game is about to find a fresh audience on the New 3DS—here's how to play it like a pro.
Sean Thomas