Julian Assange


Chelsea Manning Warns That Trump Will Go After Journalists With “Indictments and Charges”

"Whenever a journalist makes a misstep, I think that they are put on notice now."


Sweden Will Reopen Its Rape Inquiry Against Julian Assange

Now, the U.K. government has to decide where to extradite the WikiLeaks founder first: Sweden or the U.S.?


Chelsea Manning Probably Won't Be Out of Jail for Long

Before she was even released from jail Thursday, Manning was hit with another subpoena for the exact same reason.


Pamela Anderson Redeclares Her Love for Julian Assange After Visiting Him in Prison

“I love him,” she told reporters. “I can’t imagine what he’s been going through.”


Does Julian Assange Have a Roommate in Jail? A VICE News Investigation

The U.K. Ministry of Justice is highly secretive about where inmates live within prisons like Belmarsh, where Julian Assange will serve a 50-week sentence.


Julian Assange sentenced to jail in London as he faces U.S. extradition

The Wikileaks co-founder was given 50 weeks in jail as the U.S. tries to expedite him on hacking conspiracy charges.


Mueller: Assange worked with the Russians because he thought Hillary was a “sociopath”

The Mueller report shows how closely WikiLeaks was working with the Russians.


A Guide to What's Happening with Julian Assange

Sifting through all the news surrounding the WikiLeaks founder's recent arrest.


There's a battle brewing over where to send Julian Assange first

Investigators in Sweden say they’re considering reopening a 2010 rape case against the WikiLeaks founder


Julian Assange’s Whistleblowing Doesn’t Make Him Immune to Critique

Yes, he founded Wikileaks and has also flagrantly dodged two sexual assault allegations – both realities can be true at once.


How Julian Assange's arrest could test the First Amendment

If the U.S. charges Assange under the Espionage Act, it could put journalistic methods on trial.


Julian Assange was just arrested after being dragged out of Ecuadorian embassy in London

Assange's lawyer says London police arrested him for breach of bail conditions and a U.S. extradition request.