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Yankees Fans Use Phones to Hold Candle Light Vigil for Aaron Judge's Wrist

Ok, so there were no "candles" per se, but cell phone lights did the trick.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Padres Claim They Were Hacked after Posting Pictures of Eric Hosmer

The free agent first baseman made a brief appearance on San Diego's Instagram and Twitter feeds before being deleted.
Liam Daniel Pierce
dick lovelady

In Appreciation of Dick Lovelady, Pitcher

Dick Lovelady, a Royals pitcher, has been reported to throw "hard."
Sean Newell
Cally Rat

Woman Tries to Steal Cardinals Rally Cat, Promptly Loses It

The rally cat belongs to no one. The rally cat belongs to the world.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Royals Catcher Can't Handle Softball Pitcher's High Heat

Oklahoma Sooners pitcher Paige Parker, a lifelong Kansas City fan, got to show off her stuff to some very surprised Royals players.
Sean Newell

At 34 Years Old, Jason Vargas Finds His Inner Ace

Vargas's pitches haven't changed, but by making small tweaks around the margins, the Royals' journeyman starter has become one of the best pitchers in baseball.
Rian Watt
ned yost

This is a Truly Hideous Tattoo of Royals Manager Ned Yost

Something went seriously wrong for this Kansas City fan's tribute to Ned Yost.
Sean Newell

Change Is Coming to the AL Central, from Cleveland to Minnesota

The 2017 MLB season is shaping up to be one of change in the American League Central, starting with the Cleveland Indians, the defending AL champs who are finally all in.
Rian Watt
brian flynn

We Got Our Weird Spring Training Injury Out of the Way Early This Year

Kansas City Royals reliever Brian Flynn will miss eight weeks because he fell through the roof of his barn.
Sean Newell

Danny Duffy and Christian Colón Hug Royals Fans Mourning Yordano Ventura at the K

Fans in Kansas City flocked to Kauffman Stadium to pay their respects, and were surprised to be greeted by Royals pitcher Danny Duffy and shortstop Christian Colón.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Royals Pitcher Yordano Ventura Died in a Tragic Car Accident

Ventura was only 25 years old.
Liam Daniel Pierce
brian dozier

Brian Dozier Keeps Mashing Taters, While the Minnesota Twins Crater

Brian Dozier hit three home runs against the Royals yesterday, but the Twins lost 11-5.
Robert O'Connell