Kathy Griffin


Joking About Killing the President Is Dumb

It's not about the law, but what makes you sound like an idiot.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Putin denies election meddling, cops identify London attackers, Bill Cosby's sexual assault trial underway, and more.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

At least 80 dead in Kabul bomb attack, US intercepts test missile over Pacific, Flynn expected to hand over subpoenaed documents, and more.


Hollywood Still Has No Idea How to Resist Trump

Kathy Griffin, noooooooooooooooo.


RIP Joan Rivers

If there’s a lesson to learn from River’s life in this age of basic bitches and thinkpieces, it’s to fuck decorum and stay lowbrow.


Watch Danny Brown and A$AP Rocky on Kathy Griffin

That image is not photoshopped. It is indeed A$AP Rocky lovingly suckling upon Kathy Griffin's breast on the Bravo network.


Kitty's Liveblogging Danny Brown and A$AP Rocky on Kathy Griffin for Us

Follow along, because you probably also do not get Bravo!


Kathy Griffin is Getting Danny Brown and A$AP Rocky on Her Show Tonight

This is real, this is happening, holy fucking shit.