G20 Commander Found Guilty of Unlawful Arrests, But Many Questions Remain

Supt. Mark Fenton takes fall for controversial kettling tactic, but many think accountability needs to go higher up the chain of command.
Manisha Krishnan

Montreal Cops Kettled a Women-Only Anti-Austerity Protest

Protest like a girl: No-men protest ends in tear gas and arrest.
Kate McKenna

80 Protesters Charged Using Quebec’s Controversial P-6 Bylaw Are Off the Hook

Protesters have been subject to mass arrest and expensive tickets for the last three years in Montreal. With the announcement that nearly 100 cases will be dismissed, there's a sliver of hope.
Simon Van Vliet

Montreal Protesters Are Automatically Being Entered Into Class-Action Suits Against the Government

Mass arrests during the 2012 Quebec student protests have led to eight class-action lawsuits that could force Montreal to hand over $20 million in damages.
E. K. Hudson

Montreal's Controversial Anti-Protest Laws Have Led to a Bunch of Class-Action Lawsuits

Two years after protests spurred on by the Quebec student strikes rocked the province's streets, Montreal police have continued to carry out mass arrests and issue hefty fines. As the number of arrests rise, challenges to two of the most controversial...
Tim McSorley

Protesting Police Brutality in Montreal

From the FLQ crisis in the 60s to the student marches of 2012 the people of Quebec have a long history of social uprising and civic dissent.
VICE Staff

Montreal Police Are Still Kettling Protestors

447 people were arrested at Montreal's May Day protests. Many of which were kettled in by police, thanks to the controversial P6 bylaw. We were there to take it all in, and luckily this time we weren't arrested.
Ken Wallingford

Watching Fascists, Antifascists, and Police Fight Each Other at Bristol Gay Pride

For those who haven’t been paying attention, the EDL is a group that seems to sincerely believe Britain is under imminent threat of being taken over by fundamentalist Muslims. Last weekend they went to drizzly Bristol where they hung out with cops and...
Simon Childs, Photos and Video: Henry Langston