Workers Accuse Kickstarter of Union-Busting in Federal Complaint

The company has terminated three of eight members of Kickstarter’s union organizing committee within the past two weeks.


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People Raised $175,000 for the Roy Moore Accuser Whose House Burned Down

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People Want to Erect a Statue Honouring the Forgotten First Cat in Space

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You’ve got a million dollar idea. Is crowdsourcing still the way to go?

You’ve got a million dollar idea. Is crowdsourcing still the way to go?


This Kickstarter Wants to Make Obama and Biden Animated Time-Travel Heroes

Neil deGrasse Tyson will be their Zordon-like time travel guide, if the campaign hits its $100,000 goal.


How much is is your personal data really worth?

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TLC Are Crowdsourcing Their Album Title – But Why?

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A Look Inside America's First Romance and Erotica-Only Bookstore

Passion! Risk! Zombie Erotica! Two sisters learn just how far they're willing to go to empower women and bring lustful love stories to the masses.