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Somehow Nickelback Made Ice Cube's Meathead Racing Flick 'Torque' a Classic

Fifteen years after its release, we look back on the sappy bro soundtracks that defined the nativist exceptionalism of the post-9/11 years.
Gary Suarez
Hot Takes

Stephen A. Smith is So Bummed with Kanye, He Can't Even Form a Hot Take

The ESPN anchor is locked and loaded with a hot take for just about anything. Maybe this is the only thing that could possibly leave him slack-jawed.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Here's the Only Mid-Season NHL Awards List That Matters

Dave Lozo hands out hardware—all the standard ones plus the weirdest story, most disappointing team, and worst owner—as we enter the All-Star break.
Dave Lozo

Biscuits 45: A Vegas Conspiracy Theory, Kid Rock, and the Skills Competition

Lozo and Down Goes Brown wonder if the expansion draft was rigged, discuss All-Star weekend, team Twitter accounts, and guess which NHLer would be most likely to eat a Tide pod.
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The VICE Guide to Right Now

Kid Rock Donated All the Funds from His Bogus Senate Run

To a conservative voter registration group.
River Donaghey

The NHL Should Want Nothing to Do with Kid Rock

Yet the tone deaf league chose the pro-Trump, Confederate flag loving washed-up musician to perform at the All-Star Game.
Dave Lozo
Can't Handle the Truth

The Ten Most Toxic Pieces of Fake News in 2017

A roundup of the year's ugliest, most damaging lies.
Mike Pearl
Noisey News

Kid Rock Is No Longer Running For Senate, Democracy Weeps

"Fuck no, I’m not running for Senate," —Kid Rock, October 2017.
Lauren O'Neill
This Actually Happened

We Need to Address the Line-Up for Woodstock ‘99

"The day the 90s died" was also the nexus for Generation X.
Emma Garland
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Kid Rock Is Already Being Accused of Illegal Campaign Activity

A major left-leaning watchdog group claims that the Michigan musician is in violation of campaign finance law.
Allie Conti
Can't Handle the Truth

No, Kid Rock Isn't on the Verge of Becoming a Senator

A viral story about the rap-rocker's popularity as a candidate for US senate comes from a very sketchy pollster.
Mike Pearl
Future Days

Is Kid Rock an Alien Spy?

What is a word like “BAWITADABAWBADANGADANGDIGGYDIGGY” if not a message to one’s extraterrestrial overlords?
Drew Millard