Klu Klux Klan


That Time White People Burned and Pillaged a Black Community on Election Day

The 1920 massacre in Ocoee, Florida involved whites lynching, castrating, and removing hundreds of blacks from their land in retaliation for them trying to exercise their right to vote.


David Duke's Former Campaign Manager Says Trump and the Former KKK Leader Are 'Identical'

"Clearly Duke's controversial views years ago have now become mainstream Republican values," said Michael Lawrence.


Keeping It Casual: A Day with South Carolina's 21st Century Racists

In Laurens, South Carolina, there's a view that any racial prejudice tamer than snarling dogs, fire hoses, and "Whites Only" signs isn't really racism, but something ingrained in a lost culture, and therefore is forgivable.


Bizarre Vintage Photos of Nazis Posing with Men in Polar Bear Costumes

This is a very weird snapshot of German and American history.


The KKK Embraces Diversity in Harrison, Arkansas

Residents of Harrison, in Boone County, Arkansas, want to move beyond the town's racist history. The trouble is, the Knights of the Klu Klux Klan have settled in the area and made it their national headquarters.


Here’s What’s Happening on the Internet’s Most Racist Forums

Michelle Lhooq takes another stroll down the ass crack of the internet to find out what's happening on some of the web's most racist forums. Some of what she uncovers is so ignorant, it's almost as funny as it is sad. The glut of hate and negativity...


The ATL Twins Would Like to Introduce You to the Li’l Twins

The world has always been a really scary place, but it just got a little more terrifying now that we've been introduced to the Li’l Twins—the best buds of our favorite double-penetrating duo, the ATL Twins—in Matt Swinsky's twisted-ass video series...


Who Feels Bad for the KKK?

A woman got set on fire but it wasn't their fault.