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Mark Fisher, Influential Music Writer and Cultural Theorist, Has Died

Musicians like Kode9, Holly Herndon, and Tim Hecker have paid tribute.
Britt Julious

Discussing Death and Commerce with Kode9 and Lawrence Lek

The pair's collaborative project the Nøtel debuted at the ICA this weekend.
Josh Baines
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Kode9, Ron Morelli, Addison Groove, and the Seven Best Things We Heard This Week

The best music of the week, also featuring Lumberjacks In Hell and David August.
Angus Harrison
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Watch Kode 9, DJ Earl, and a Couple of Teklife Dancers Perform an Hour of Feverous Footwork

The session was recorded this past Friday at a Tropical Waste party in London.
Alexander Iadarola

From Laurie Anderson to Grimes, Here's 26 Reasons Why Moogfest 2016 Stood Out

North America's most cutting-edge electronic festival took over Durham, North Carolina for four days of music and more.
Max Mertens
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Fatima Al Qadiri's New Track Is About Cops Who Are "Drunk with Power"

"Power" is the latest track from the artist's highly politicized new album '​Brute'.
Alexander Iadarola
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Kanye West's "Fade" Gets High-Energy Juke Remodel From Gant-Man

The artist has released on labels such as Chicago institution Dance Mania, Diplo's Mad Decent, and Kode9's Hyperdub.
Alexander Iadarola
Fatima Al Qadiri

Fatima Al Qadiri’s ‘Brute’ is the Powerful Political Album We've Been Waiting For

The Kuwait-raised producer's second LP takes on police brutality and authoritarianism in America.
Michelle Lhooq
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Moogfest Announces Wonderfully Diverse 2016 Lineup

Featuring special presentations from Gary Numan, Laurie Anderson, and GZA, as well as performances from so many other great artists.
Alexander Iadarola

Burial Didn't Make His First Ever Live Appearance Last Night After All

Turns out it was Kode9 instead.
Angus Harrison
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Kode9's First Solo Album Will Combine J-Pop, Horror Soundtracks, Grime, and Footwork

The album, titled 'Nothing,' is out November 6 on Hyperdub.
Michelle Lhooq
VICE Long Reads

The VICE Oral History of Dubstep

The story of a genre, as told by some of its most pivotal players.
Lauren Martin, Photos: Georgina Cook