The Musicians Who Knew We'll Be Cyborgs Soon

How late-70s and early-80s electronic pop from Kraftwerk, Devo, and Young Marble Giants warned us of our post-human future.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Trump commission wants to publish voter details, Iraqi troops recapture ISIS stronghold in Mosul, House passes two anti-immigration bills, and more.


Kraftwerk and Canyon Have Collaborated on the Most Techno Bike, Ever

The limited-edition bicycle is all black and will play a part in this year’s Tour de France.


Kraftwerk to Play Eight of Their Albums at Italy’s Club to Club Festival

The electronic music pioneers will take on eight shows in four days, with each performance dedicated to one album.


Kraftwerk Announce Audio/Visual Documentary, ‘3-D the Catalog’

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Ellie Herring's House-Heavy "F150" Mix is a Rush of Blood to the Head

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Trumpwave and Fashwave Are the Latest Examples of the Far-Right Appropriating Electronic Music

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The Man Who "Changed" His Name to Kraftwerk Had a Kraftwerk-Themed Wedding

It was, appropriately, a black-tie (and red shirt) affair.


Kraftwerk Will Perform in Buenos Aires Despite Ban on Electronic Shows

The group will play Luna Park Stadium on November 23.


Kraftwerk’s Buenos Aires Show Canceled Due to Electronic Music Event Ban

Though not technically a “festival,” officials cited the band’s primary use of synthesizers.


How Did the Small German City of Dusseldorf Change Electronic Music Forever?

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Solange Knowles Writes Powerful Essay After Hostile Incident at Kraftwerk Concert

Knowles reflected on a racially-charged incident in which a group of women threw food at her and her family.