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who you got

Who You Got? Kris Bryant or Mookie Betts

We asked a National League scout which of these two young superstars he'd pick to have on his team.
Christopher Crawford

Hall of Fame Prankster Greg Maddux Pulls a Fast One on Kris Bryant

This is probably the most PG prank Greg Maddux has pulled, but it's a good one. Kris Bryant seems like he was fooled.
Mike Vorkunov
kyle schwarber

Cubs Dress Up Like Kyle Schwarber from His Purple Pizzazz High School Choir Days

The Cubs made fun of Kyle Schwarber's song-and-dance routine from high school.
Sean Newell
weak in review

Knowing, Not-Knowing, October, And Letting Go: David Roth's Weak In Review

Baseball spends a great deal of time and effort trying to figure itself out, which is one of its charms. And then, in October, it's something else entirely.
David Roth
kolten wong

Cubs Score Run when Kolten Wong Faceplants in the Outfield

Kolten Wong should get half of Anthony Rizzo's RBI for his play in left field.
Sean Newell

Kris Byrant Gives Cubs Fans Some In-House Drama Against Brewers

Thursday afternoon against the Milwaukee Brewers, Bryant offered his latest salvo, going five for five with a double and two homers.
Robert O'Connell

Watching Kris Bryant And Anthony Rizzo, Chicago Bedrock

The Chicago Cubs have done everything to build a seamless, thoroughly contemporary World Series contender. But they still rely on a pair of old-school mashers.
Robert O'Connell

Fixing What Isn't Broken in the MLB All-Star Game

Once again, the voters got it mostly right in picking players for this year's All-Star Game, which will once again be kind of boring and kind of fun. Here are some fixes anyway.
Jonathan Bernhardt

Are Too Many Baseball Teams Tanking?

The Chicago Cubs are living, winning proof of how a strategic tank job can help turn an organization around. But it gets that much harder when everyone is doing it.
Jonathan Bernhardt

We Can't Watch Blake Snell Pitch Because Of Greed And A Loophole

On Saturday, one of the best pitching prospects in the minors made his MLB debut. The reasons it happened when and how it did have nothing to do with baseball.
Rian Watt
Chicago Cubs

'Disguised' Kris Bryant Pranks Community College Baseball Team

They found out it was the Cubs third baseman shortly afterwards, but it was enough time to mash some taters and have a laugh.
Liam Daniel Pierce
hot stove things

Exorcising the Failures and Fishmongers of Chicago Cubs Past

The Chicago Cubs haven't won a World Series since William Howard Taft was President, and came by their failures honestly. Now that all seems to be changing.
Steven Goldman