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The Biggest Assholes Who Lost the Midterms

Ted Cruz might have won, but a lot of other fuckheads lost last night.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Sam Nunberg now open to playing ball with Mueller, North Korea apparently willing to consider "denuclearization," Paul Ryan denounces Trump's tariff plan, and more.


Why You Should Worry About Trump's Voter Fraud Probe

It won't find anything serious because voter fraud is a myth, but that doesn't mean the investigation won't be used to make it harder for people to vote in 2020.


Trump's 'Voter Fraud' Investigation Is Actually Happening

He's expected to sign an executive order Thursday setting up a commission that will look into the non-issue.


Six top Trump advisers have ties to FAIR, a radical anti-immigration group

The Trump administration is embracing the kind of hard-line immigration policies FAIR has advocated since its founding in 1979.


Meet Kris Kobach, the Right-Wing 'Extremist' Who Could Become Trump's Attorney General

The Kansas secretary of state is an anti-immigration hardliner who has also pushed for laws making it harder for people to vote.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Obama warns against "crude" nationalism across the world, an advisor claims the Trump team is considering a Muslim registry, "post-truth" is chosen as word of the year by Oxford, and more.


America's Most Right-Wing Elections Official Is Gearing Up to Start Prosecuting Voters

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach sees election criminals lurking behind every polling booth. Now the state legislature is about to give him the prosecutorial power to do something about it.