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10 Questions

10 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Kung-Fu Master

"Monks train really hard, so they're able to tow a car with their penis."
Daniel Darmawan

Bruce Lee and the Art of Scientific Street Fighting

The recent uproar over an MMA fighter's beatdown of a tai chi practitioner is a virtual case study for Bruce Lee's emphasis on real world application of the fighting arts.
Charles Russo
Future Days

Every Rap Nerd Needs to Watch These Martial Arts Movies

Kung Fu Kenny is just the latest rapper to embrace the mysteries of Shaolin.
Drew Millard

Bruce Lee vs. Wong Jack Man: Fact, Fiction and the Birth of the Dragon

Bruce Lee's no-holds-barred challenge match against Wong Jack Man was a pivotal moment that remains buried beneath decades of mythology.
Charles Russo
Remembering Things

Teen Sweat and Puke, Drugs and Dressing in Drag: How Ash Wrote Their Debut LP '1977'

The band celebrate their debut's 20th anniversary with a '1977' tour, plus they tell us about all the debauchery that went into making their still incredible number one album.
Cam Lindsay

'Marco Polo' Star Michelle Yeoh Talks Martial Arts in Film

A 30 year veteran of martial arts filmmaking, Michelle Yeoh talks about her new role as The Hand Maiden.
Sarah Kurchak

Was Bruce Lee of English Descent?

Chasing down the Dragon’s European ancestry.
Charles Russo
Holy Shit

Pusha T and Future Square Off on the Absurdly Named Baauer Track "Kung Fu"

"Welcome to the wide world of snort" - Pusha T
Jabbari Weekes

Why Kung Fu Masters Refuse to Teach

Traditional masters lament a lack of students, but won't change their style to fit modern tastes.
Sascha Matuszak
wu tang clan

Will Wu-Tang Clan Use Martial Arts To Save Their Album From Pharma Bro?

If there really is a caveat in the contract for the sale of Once Upon a Time In Shaolin that states that the Wu-Tang Clan can try to recapture the album via caper or heist, how could the legendary rap group's martial arts fandom help the cause?
Sarah Kurchak

The Post-Apocalyptic Kung Fu of 'Into the Badlands'

AMC's new show, Into the Badlands, attempts change the formula of traditional kung fu storytelling.
Sascha Matuszak

Ji Gong: The Master Hidden Beneath Rags

Song Dynasty monk Daoji, known as Ji Gong, held the Buddha in one hand and a jug of wine in the other.
Sascha Matuszak