kyle schwarber


Stop Whining, Chicago, the Cubs Are Going to Be Fine

At least until October.
Rian Watt

Kyle Schwarber Uses Prodigious Tummy to Make Diving Catch in Stands

The Cubs big beefy boy belly flopped onto the wall down the left field line and tumbled into the stands to make the catch.
Sean Newell
yakkin about baseball

Eric Thames Has Plenty Of Urine: Yakkin' About Baseball

PED suspicions, rowdy farmhands, Derek Jeter in a garish orange blazer—it's baseball season all right.
David Roth and David Raposa
rod & ripa

A-Rod and Kyle Schwarber Mash Taters on the Streets of New York with Kelly Ripa

America's TV darling A-Rod still has it.
Mike Vorkunov
weak in review

Kyle Schwarber, And The Large Adult Sons Of October: David Roth's Weak In Review

Baseball lives in its history like no other sport. In this World Series, that history is more present than ever.
David Roth
kyle schwarber

Cubs Dress Up Like Kyle Schwarber from His Purple Pizzazz High School Choir Days

The Cubs made fun of Kyle Schwarber's song-and-dance routine from high school.
Sean Newell
kyle schwarber

There Will Be No Schwarbing in the Field During This World Series

Kyle Schwarber will only be available off the bench in Wrigley Field.
Sean Newell
world series

Cleveland Pitches a Masterpiece to Take Game 1

Corey Kluber and Andrew Miller weren't perfect, strictly speaking, but the Cleveland Indians' effort was even more impressive than that to open the World Series.
Robert O'Connell
cubs big boy

Kyle Schwarber Returns to the Cubs Just in Time to Mash Some Taters in the World Series

Kyle Schwarber will get some at-bats as a designated for the Cubs during the World Series. He hasn't played since the third game of the season.
Robert O'Connell
when it happens

The Team Effort Behind Cubs Catching Phenom Willson Contreras

Willson Contreras has flattened the National League since debuting with the Cubs in late June. Here's how a cautious third baseman became a breakout catching star.
Rian Watt
hot stove things

Exorcising the Failures and Fishmongers of Chicago Cubs Past

The Chicago Cubs haven't won a World Series since William Howard Taft was President, and came by their failures honestly. Now that all seems to be changing.
Steven Goldman
raise the w

The Chicago Cubs Are Still the Future

The Cubs might have gotten swept out of the NLCS, but they're young, talented, rich, and poised to dominate the National League.
Matthew Kory