Kyrie Irving


Kyrie Irving Roasted About Duke by Children's Hospital Patient

The Boston Celtics guard paid a visit to Boston Children's Hospital, and one kid went in on him about Duke losing to Gonzaga.
Liam Daniel Pierce
Desus & Mero

Watch Bill Nye Debunk the Flat Earth Conspiracy Theory

Bill Nye the Science Guy came on 'Desus & Mero' to teach Kyrie Irving a lesson.
Sarah Bellman
the outlet pass

The Outlet Pass: Steven Adams is Officially a Star

Also: a young Lakers bright spot, evaluating Brooklyn's new starting five, why DeAndre Jordan's backup is slowly killing his leverage as a free agent, how the Spurs literally stay one step ahead of everybody else, and more.
Michael Pina

I Spent a Week Looking at Kyrie Irving's Flat Earth Instagram Feed

Was Kyrie just a misguided millionaire with too much time on his hands, or had he really ascended to some kind of higher plane of consciousness? What the hell was he seeing that the rest of us weren’t?
Rob Rousseau

Emotional Jaylen Brown Dedicated Huge Game to Best Friend Who Just Died

The night before the Celtics played the Warriors, Brown learned that his best friend Trevin Steede died.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Brent Barry Thinks Kyrie Irving Is "Scratching the Surface" in Boston

The Turner Sports NBA analyst walks us through the Celtics' shocking start as they head into Thursday night's showdown against the Golden State Warriors.
Michael Pina

The Outlet Pass: Kyrie's Evolution, Schroder's Speed, and Selfless Pelicans

A weekly roundup of observations, questions, and predictions from Michael Pina's NBA notebook.
Michael Pina

How the Gordon Hayward Injury Changes Kyrie Irving's Role in Boston

The Celtics need even more punch from their best player. Here's how they can get it without deserting their unselfish offensive principles
Michael Pina

A Chess Grandmaster Predicted the Irving-for-Thomas Trade

According to Jan Gustafsson, Kyrie Irving and Isaiah Thomas are just pawns in the game.
Liam Daniel Pierce

The Boston Celtics Are Gambling on a Budding Supernova in Kyrie Irving

Boston didn't have to trade for Cleveland's All-Star point guard, but it did. Now the questions begin.
Michael Pina

Steph Curry Clowns on LeBron James' Workout Videos, Kyrie Irving Loves It

You could make a mountain of a molehill about this—it's the offseason; you're entitled to—but it's pretty fun either way.
Liam Daniel Pierce
NBA Finals

What The Cavaliers Must Do To Stay Alive In The NBA Finals

Cleveland played perfectly in Game 4 to avoid a Golden State sweep. Here's how the Cavs can win Game 5.
Adam Mares