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Workers Seize the Shipyard That Built the Titanic, Plan to Make Renewable Energy There

The closure of the last shipyard in Belfast would end centuries of ship building in the city. A group of workers are demanding the U.K. nationalize the yards.
Lauren Kaori Gurley

Unionizing Weed Workers Are Reigniting the Labor Movement

In an industry with a long history of sexual harassment, workers getting paid with drugs, and other rough conditions, unions see opportunity.
Hayley Fox

Trump's tariffs made him labor unions' man of steel

"What China has been doing is bullshit"
Alex Thompson

The Next Hot Millennial Trend: Never-Ending Labor in Dystopian Warehouses

The death of retail, workers' rights, and pension plans have sent migrant seniors into the arms of Amazon. What does this mean for a generation saddled with debt?
Allie Conti

Conservatives Have a New Plan for Busting America's Unions

Republicans in Kentucky have opened up a new frontier in the war on labor, pushing through county right-to-work ordinances that put the fate of union workers in the hands of local, rather than state, governments.
Spencer Woodman

America's Union-Busting Conservatives Are Going Local

Organized labor has been under assault for decades in this country, and a new breed of anti-union laws could be coming to your town next.
Spencer Woodman

New York Progressive Party Kisses Andrew Cuomo's Ring

Going into this past weekend, there was a faint sense that the organized Left could genuinely wrest some measure of power from the Democratic Party. Not so fast.
Michael Tracey
Inside Schilling

The Fast Food Strike Could Mean the End of Everything

Across the United States, fast food workers are throwing down their aprons and spatulas, and taking to the streets to demand a living wage. They are now protesting in 60 American cities, but in those same cities, some wonder if their favorite fast food...
Dave Schilling