Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong Wants You to Forgive and Forget. Again.

Five years after his Oprah confession, Armstrong is proving, one podcast at a time, that we'll forgive anyone.
Tom Owen
Lance Armstrong

In Search of Lance Armstrong's Staunchest Supporters

More than four years after publicly admitting to doping, Lance Armstrong remains an outcast in the cycling world. But some of his supporters have stayed loyal to the disgraced American. What has kept them on side through so much turmoil?
Alex Warnakulasuriya

The Mountain (Running) Men in the Grassroots Fight Against Doping

Mountain, ultra, and trail running is a niche but growing sport. Now some of its most prominent athletes want to stop the rise of doping before it takes root.
Katie Matlack
Tour de France

Is Chris Froome Ready to Make Cycling Great Again?

Already in an elite group of multiple Tour winners, Froome declared his goal to win the Tour, Olympic Road Race and Olympic Time Time in 2016. It's been a long time since pro cycling has had that sort of audacity.
Wade McCagh
Donald Trump

Tweetin' Sports with Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump

Donald Trump: tre-mendous, tre-mendous sports fan. And like most tre-mendous sports fans, shares his opinions on social media.
Sean Newell
telegenic egomaniacs

Hollywood's Incomplete Indictment of Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong's long campaign of doping and deception is the core of Stephen Frears's new film, "The Program." It's a good story, but it doesn't quite add up to a good movie.
Luke Bradley

British Political Expert Alastair Campbell Explains What Makes Someone a 'Winner'

"I don't feel Machiavellian, but I know I can be. I mean, I've done things that people describe as Machiavellian."
Hope Whitmore

Dumping a Bucket of Ice on Your Head Does Not Make You a Philanthropist

The #IceBucketChallenge is the latest in lazy, narcissistic "hashtag activism." If you want to change the world, you're not going to do it by tweeting, wearing a tacky bracelet, or dumping ice water over your head.
Arielle Pardes

My Strange Weekend at a Bicycle Race with Lance Armstrong and a Crack Addict

I had no idea a huge bicycle race was set to happen in the small Mexican town I was visiting, but within 24 hours of my plane landing I was shaking hands with Lance Armstrong and bunking with a guy suffering from a debilitating drug problem.
Tom Ward
Question Of The Day

Should There Be a Separate Olympics for People Who Take Steroids?

Or are you a killjoy who doesn't want to see super-humans running at 50mph?
Jim Roberts

Was Lance Armstrong Taking Jerk-Enhancing Drugs?

The interview that Lance Armstrong gave to Oprah Winfrey was a masterful slice of a never-ending sports-fabulism spectacle, and while it made for good TV at times, it was also nearly infuriating to watch.

The 12-Step Program for Lance Armstrong's Image

After 15 years of denial, obfuscation, and single-handedly creating the worst fashion trend of the 21st century, Lance Armstrong is finally ready to admit to the world—or Oprah, same difference—that he indulged in performance-enhancing drugs during his...
Dave Schilling