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Paying for It

Formula 1’s Strange Relationship with 'Pay Drivers'

Once derided as possessing far more money than talent, pay drivers are now ubiquitous in F1 – and some of them are bloody quick. What does this often pejorative term mean in the modern context?
Jim Weeks
Formula 1

Lance Stroll's F1 Podium Race Is a Big Middle Finger to Jacques Villeneuve

Weeks after Villeneuve said Stroll is having one of the worst rookie seasons in Formula 1 history, the 18-year-old had the best race of his career.
Kyle Cantlon
Formula 1

Jacques Villeneuve: Lance Stroll 'One of the Worst' Rookies in F1 History

Stroll, 18, has struggled immensely as the first Canadian F1 driver since Villeneuve.
Kyle Cantlon
Formula 1

Montreal's Legendary F1 Circuit Is Part of the Canadian Grand Prix Allure

The picturesque GP has retained its character and turned into the country's largest sporting event, thanks to passionate fans and a classic, unchanged track.
Matthew Walthert
Formula 1

Why Lance Stroll's Car Matters More Than His Skill in Rookie F1 Season

The deep-pocketed 18-year-old Canadian will make his much-anticipated F1 debut at the Australian Grand Prix this weekend.
Matthew Walthert

Will Teenage Rookie Lance Stroll Show His Talent is Worth More Than His Money in F1?

There is no denying the financial backing from his family has made things easier for Lance Stroll during his career leading to securing an F1 driver with Williams. Now it's time to show he deserves to be there.
Adam Cooper,

Has F1's New Teenage Rookie Got What it Takes?

With Williams confirming Lance Stroll for 2017, the big question now is whether the team's gamble of promoting the Canadian straight from F3 will pay off.
Valentin Khorounzhiy,

Meet the 17-year-old Canadian on the Fast Track to F1

"My dad is rich. I can't deny that," says FIA European Formula 3 Championship leader Lance Stroll. "All I can do is go out and do the best I can. I have won, and I am winning."
Andrew van Leeuwen,