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Doug Ford Is Running for Premier, Baby!

And here’s a list of things he has said or done that makes Premier Doug Ford unlikely.
Mack Lamoureux
Jag-meet and greet

Jagmeet Singh wants to decriminalize drugs, stop racial profiling, and to fight Justin Trudeau

VICE News sat down with the guy who could become Canada’s first non-white political leader
Justin Ling

The Conservative Party wrings its hands on condemning The Rebel

The party drafted a statement distancing itself from the alt-right media outlet, but the statement has yet to be released, some 24 hours later
Justin Ling
Opioid Crisis

Conservative politician wants a “bounty system” to pay people who turn in fentanyl dealers

Rick Peterson is vying to fill the Alberta seat vacated by former party leader Rona Ambrose
Rachel Browne

It is very hard to use foreign money to influence Canadian elections

VICE News Canada political wonk Kady O’Malley breaks down how foreign agents can meddle in the democratic process
Kady O'Malley
leadership race

Kevin O’Leary wants 3 percent economic growth and a crackdown on pipeline protesters

The Conservative Party leadership front-runner’s economic policy unveiling was a mix of reasonable plans and “whimsical” promises
Justin Ling

Leadership Watch: O’Leary faces questions about campaign finances and the NDP fills out its field

The field of candidates vying to take on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has grown in the last few weeks, with a slew of new personalities elbowing their way into the crowd — and more to come.
Justin Ling

The Contenders to Lead the Conservative Party, Ranked

Who is gonna be the new Stephen Harper?
Justin Ling