Don't Pick a New Year's Resolution

Instead of looking forward with a New Year's resolution, look back at what you accidentally accomplished.
Kate Dries

Parents Tell Us the Shit They Wish They Knew Before They Had a Kid

Don’t let the multi-billion-dollar parent-industrial complex get ya.
Joshua Ostroff
Views My Own

How to Say ‘No’ Like a Toddler

Little people get away with an impressive amount of inconsiderate dickishness. It’s time we learned a thing or two.
Erin Ashenhurst
Not OK, Computer

The Robots Are Coming for You and They’re Feeling Jazzy

A.I. Duet, a new Google project, allows a computer to "learn" and improvise along with your piano musings. The folly!
Alex Robert Ross
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Students Learn More if Their Teacher Is Hot, Study Says

Researchers found that not only did the students with the attractive professor score better on the test, they rated the professor higher than the not-hot one.
VICE Staff

What It's Like To Teach Teenagers When You're In Your 20s

Can you have a normal life if you've got to be a role model for a bunch of brats?
Francisco Garcia

Could We Use Films to Teach People About Mental Health?

We talked to some leading psychologists who think that movie's the potential to increase society's understanding of problems like schizophrenia, depression, and anxiety.
Huw Oliver

College Is Not the Best Four Years of Your Life

In the interest of reassuring struggling students, I offer this partial catalog of some of the many bad ideas I accumulated during my college years. Trust me—life gets better after graduation.
Merrill Markoe

This Kids' Camp Aims to Create a Safe Haven for Gender Non-Conforming Kids

We talked to photographer Lindsay Morris about the eight years she spent capturing the camp, where little boys are encouraged to dress as girls and there's a fabulous gender-defying fashion show.
Shanna Jones

Should LGBT Teachers Come Out to Their Pupils?

We talked to a gay and trans teacher about what it's like to be out—and not out—in the classroom.
Chris Godfrey
the vice reader

Good, Evil, and Canada's Aboriginal Kidnappings - An Interview with Adrianne Harun

After I purchased Adrianne's book, I went into the parking lot to find my car battery had run dead. I went back inside, sat down in the bookstore caf&eacute;, and looked at VICE.com, where I saw <a href="http://www.vice.com/read/hundreds-of-aboriginal...
April Ayers Lawson
Girl News

Girls and College

Power structures are wildly different in a college setting than in high school in that the most important girl is a little hedgehog from some shit town where she was Max Fisher But Worse.
Kate Carraway