revenge porn

Revenge Porn Victims On How It Feels to Find Your Nudes Online

We spoke to four gay men whose personal photos were posted to a "disturbingly cruel" website.
David Barker

What I Learned from the Depression After My Transition

Though I wouldn't change a thing, transitioning presented problems I never expected.
Chris Jacobovicz

Trans Comic Chanty Marostica’s History Making Month

The Just For Laughs headliner and Sirius top comic winner talks about becoming the first trans person to earn those titles.
Audrey Carleton
The Power and Privilege Issue

How Jordan’s First LGBTQ Online Magazine Began

After being outed and bullied for being gay, Khalid Abdel-Hadi decided to change the conversation about LGBTQ people in the Arab world.
Jawanna Sawalha

Young Brazilians Share Their Fears About a Bolsonaro Presidency

"I want a country where black people and LGBTQ individuals can walk freely. As a woman, I want to walk around without being afraid I'll get raped."
Gislene Ramos

'The Bisexual' Shows There's Not Just One Way to Be Bisexual

Bi or pan people are often seen as having to "deviate" from straight-passing relationships – but what about the other way round?
Daisy Jones

Crossdressing on Halloween Was the Queer Liberation I Didn’t Know I Needed

I'm a confidently queer cis black woman, but the beauty of a masculine "costume" taught me the power of playing with identity on Halloween.
Taylor Hosking
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A New American Civil War Feels Closer Than Ever After Pittsburgh

After the worst attack on Jews in American history, it's time to be afraid for the future.
E.J. Graff

Inside a Pageant for Indigenous Drag Queens

Instead of the cutthroat competition of ‘Drag Race,’ queens in ‘Black Divaz’ lift each other up.
Luke Ottenhof
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Canada Is Not Safe from Donald Trump’s Attacks on Transgender Human Rights

There is reason to be concerned Canada’s conservatives could look to the south to find a convenient social issue to run on.
Abigail Curlew
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Here's How Trump's Cruel Anti-Trans Crusade Could Completely Backfire

A proposed rule change to strip trans people of their rights wouldn't just be morally ugly, it would likely be incredibly unpopular.
Harry Cheadle
The VICE Guide to Right Now

A New Brunswick Village Flew a Straight Pride Flag

The village of Chipman drew a lot of anger for deciding to fly a straight pride flag.
Mack Lamoureux