Liberal Party of Canada


Every Liberal MP is About to Get a Gram of Pot in the Mail

You get one, and you get one, and you get one!


The Definitive Guide to How Canada Stopped Being Totally Embarrassing

2015 was the year the conservatives were supposed to win The Great Canadian Culture war. But shit doesn't always go as planned.


Here Are the Top Seven Stephen Harpers of 2015

The year 2015 was full of Stephen Harpers.


Some Crackpots Think the Public Is Too Dumb to Choose a New Voting System

You are not that stupid, unless you are.


After 18 Years Without Clean Water, Canadian Government Finally Steps Up to Help Community

The Liberals are putting $10-million towards a water treatment plant for Shoal Lake 40.


Un regard sur l'expansion de l'industrie de la marijuana médicale du Québec

Dans ce documentaire de VICE, Simon Coutu plante du weed dans les installations du seul producteur québécois autorisé par Santé Canada.


We Dug Up Old Canadian Political Websites, and They’re Glorious

1996 was a simpler time: the information superhighway was but a dirt road and politicians were already trying to get your email address.


Trudeau Says Conservatives Are Prejudiced Against Muslims, But Is Still Cool with C-51

The Liberal leader slammed Harper but defended the government's new security measures.


Will the Federal Election Improve Sex-Work Laws?

Justin Trudeau has led the Liberal Party in a decidedly women-friendly direction. If they're elected next year, sex-work regulations might finally see some real progress.