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Life Is Strange Has the Most Awkward, Relatable Sex Scene in a Video Game

This very specific brand of uncomfortable is what makes Life Is Strange tick, because it pulls from the lived experiences of people.
Patrick Klepek
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What to Make of Microsoft and Sony's Surprising New Partnership

We also talk rogue A.I. and Chinese dynasties on this week's episode.
Patrick Klepek

This is What Video Gaming Narratives Need to Do to Be Taken Seriously

Interactive stories that play out through our consoles can be riveting; but the gaming medium is still seen as "weaker" than novels and movies. How do we change that?
Mike Diver

These Are Some of Video Gaming's Most Disturbing Moments

From the sickeningly brutal, to the psychologically petrifying, right down to eye-watering moments of profound sadness.
Jonathan Beach

Ten Reasons Why ‘Fallout 4’ Isn’t the Best Game of the Year

The judges at Britain's BAFTA Games Awards gave top honors to 'Fallout 4,' which is a good game, but certainly not the best of the year.
Mike Diver

Here's the Right Way to Play Video Games in College

House party going south? Slam on <i>Crash Bandicoot</i>. Party, saved.
Oscar Dayus

The New Game from 'Life Is Strange' Developers Is an Ode to the Classic Vampire

London, 1918. The Great War has shaken the city's residents. An outbreak of flu is becoming a pandemic. And then there's the small matter of vampires in the East End.
Mike Diver

Why Video Games Need More ‘Just Good Friends’ Relationships

Games like "Oxenfree" and "Life Is Strange" show us that Character A need not always end up humping Character B, and that's a good thing.
Kaitlin Tremblay
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A Completely Spoilers-Filled Interview with the Makers of ‘Life Is Strange’

Co-directors Michel Koch and Raoul Barbet discuss their game's heavyweight themes of bullying and assisted suicide.
Mike Diver
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The Best 20 Video Games of 2015

VICE Gaming contributors have voted, and their clear favorite rhymes with "Betel Bear Bolid."
Mike Diver
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‘Life Is Strange,' But It’s Best When You’re Sitting Down, Doing Nothing

After the fifth game in the 'Life Is Strange' series, we can look back on Dontnod's intriguing adventure and conclude that its silences often spoke the loudest.
Mike Diver
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First Love and Awkwardness: Inside the Mind of ‘Life Is Strange’ Co-Director Michel Koch

Koch explains the DNA of the game's Warren character, and how we all have a dark side within us.
Sayem Ahmed