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Protesters Keep Shutting Down the Line 9 Oil Pipeline

The most recent potentially dangerous act of shutting off and chaining themselves to the valve was done in the name of Indigenous land claims.


Canadian Activists Show There’s a Very Easy (But Dangerous) Way to Shut Down Pipelines

Earlier this month, activists shut down Enbridge's controversial Line 9 not long after it was reversed to flow east to Montreal.


Oka Could Happen Again Amid Pipeline Battles, First Nation Leaders Say

25 years after the historic dispute, Indigenous leaders say tensions are rising again.


First Nation's ​Last Chance Appeal Against Line 9 Has Its Day in Ontario Court

The project, which the NEB approved with conditions in February and is now awaiting final approval.


Line 9 Pipeline Could Start Pumping Heavy Oil Soon Despite First Nations Court Challenge

'Canada has never consulted us on this project and it's their constitutional obligation to do so,' says one First Nation councillor


Anti-Oil Activists Named as National Security Threats Respond to Leaked RCMP Report

Following news that the RCMP considers anti-oil-industry activists a national security threat, we spoke to some of the activists who have been on the front lines of the fight to salvage Canada's environment.


Enbridge Bailed On Its Own Open House in Aamjiwnaang

But they still gave out some environmental Starter Emergency Kits that are really only useful if you get lost in the woods.


Activists Across Ontario Are Targeting Enbridge’s Associates

On Monday, activists delivered a blow to oil pipeline giant Enbridge by locking employees out of affiliated banks, political offices, and other businesses.


Quebec Is At the Forefront of Canada’s Petro-Economy Expansion

With pipelines stalled in BC and the US, Quebec is the last frontier—for now—in the fight to stop tar sands oil from being exported around the world.


This Canadian Artist Halted Pipeline Development by Copyrighting His Land as a Work of Art

We talked to the guy who took on Canadian pipelining industry by copyrighting his land—including a white-picket fence—as art.


New Oil and Gas Pipelines Could Pose a Serious Threat to Canada’s North West

“This is not a feasible project. There’s too much opposition to it and we’re really not willing to risk our territories, our waters, for projects that aren’t even economically sound."


This Is What a Line 9 Blockade Looks Like Before It Gets Raided

We visited the protesters behind a six-day blockade of an Enbridge construction that ended with heavy machinery and six arrests.