Lisa Carver

    • 3.21.13

      Sux by Suxwest: Suck Me Heavy, Heavy Metal

      Everyone complains about SXSW, how bloated it is. You don't have to go. You can do anything. You don't have to go do some stupid, expensive thing. The organizer of Sux by Suxwest for three years now, Johnathan Cash, all he did was say yes. No matter...

    • 1.27.13

      He’s Not Dead Yet? Life with Gene Gregorits

      Gene Gregorits is the greatest, truest writer you never heard of, unless you read the news right after he cut off his earlobe and ate it. Twice. How that hurricane of a man ever managed to sit still long enough to complete eight books, including the...

    • 2.16.12

      What Kids Say Should Happen to Murderers

      Adults have been running things for forever, and look at what a good job we’ve done with ending war, domestic violence, and world humorlessness. Why not give kids a have at it?