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Civil Rights

Chicago cops unnecessarily shoot at suspects and go unpunished, scathing DOJ report says

Keegan Hamilton

The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, a man was shot and killed by police during a routine traffic stop in Minnesota, Attorney General Loretta Lynch closed the case on Hillary Clinton's private email server, and more.
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civil asset forfeiture

Is the DOJ's FIFA Corruption Sting Just 'For-Profit Policing' Run Amok?

The United States went to great lengths to prosecute FIFA. But was their ultimate goal just to make money from civil asset forfeiture?
Elliott Turner

Sepp Blatter Claims "The Media Moved in to Kill Me," Continues to Blame U.S.'s Failed World Cup Bid for Arrests

Your daily dose of moral relativism.
Liam Daniel Pierce
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El Chapo Might Go on Trial in Brooklyn

After escaping from Mexican prison twice, the drug cartel boss could get extradited, and Brooklyn is the early frontrunner to host his trial.
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VICE Sports World News Roundup: December 4

Start your day with VICE Sports. Here's our morning roundup of the sports news from around the world.
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Why It's Almost Impossible to Reform America's Police

Between close relationships with prosecutors, secretive police culture, and laws that protect officers from taking personal responsibility for their actions, the obstacles to police reform are stifling.
Jonathan Blanks

Two New York City Women Just Got Arrested for an Alleged Bomb Plot

One of the roommates apparently had Osama bin Laden as her phone's background photo.
John Surico

Meet Loretta Lynch, Obama's New Attorney General Nominee

The President has picked Loretta Lynch, a US Attorney from Brooklyn, to replace Eric Holder as Attorney General. But while she has a strong record on criminal justice reform, whether she will finally crack down on Wall Street is a whole other question.
Kristen Gwynne