Lyft and Uber Are Having a Terrible, Awful, No-Good Time

Rideshares were once the darlings of Wall Street, but now they’re being exposed.


Drivers Say Reporting Assault to Lyft is ‘Extremely Traumatic’

Drivers Motherboard spoke to say they were assaulted by riders and Lyft did little to help them. Experts say Uber and Lyft don't take the same safety measures as taxis.


Lyft Allegedly Let a Driver Give More Than 700 Rides After He Stomped on a Passenger’s Head

A Brooklyn musician’s assault by a Lyft driver raises questions of how closely the company follows regulations.


1,000 Protesting Uber Drivers Brought NYC Traffic to a Standstill

To skirt around paying drivers a livable minimum wage, Uber and Lyft will block drivers’ access to the app.


Uber and Lyft’s Worst Nightmare Is Coming True in California

A newly passed law would require rideshare companies to treat their drivers as employees and provide them with benefits like health insurance.


Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash Plan to Spend $90 Million to Undo a Law That Protects Their Workers

App-based employees will have to take on Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash in what will surely be a nasty fight.


Lyft Will Require Sexual Violence Prevention Training For Drivers, Following a Flurry of Lawsuits

The ride-share giant is adding new safety requirements for Lyft drivers while fighting legislation that would give drivers more rights and benefits.


EXCLUSIVE: Kamala Harris Is Backing a Bill Giving Uber, Lyft, Postmates Workers New Rights

Harris's position puts her at odds with her brother-in-law and a top campaign adviser, both of whom work for Uber.


Hundreds of Uber Drivers Will Caravan 600 Miles Across California to Demand Better Working Conditions

Ride-share drivers will protest their wages and working conditions at Uber’s headquarters and the state capitol next week, demanding the passage of AB5.


Lyft Has Been Flooded With Sexual Assault Lawsuits

The ride share giant has been sued at least seven times this month related to rides that allegedly ended with rape or sexual assault.


This Bill Could Destroy Uber's Unsustainable Business Model

An unholy alliance of on-demand companies is desperately trying to stop a California bill from reclassifying their independent contractors as employees.


“I Drive Until I’m Exhausted Every Day": Uber Drivers Tell Us Why They're Striking​

If you hail an Uber on Wednesday, you’re crossing a (virtual) picket line.