At Least 'Madden' Refs Got the Saints-Rams Pass Interference Call Right

One simulation even turned the pass interference sensitivity all the way down, and the ref *still* called it on New Orleans. Yikes.
Liam Daniel Pierce
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We've Got Some Takes on the Good Charlotte Christmas Album We Haven't Heard

Prepare your ears and stockings, 'A GC Christmas: Part 1' will be with us soon.
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Can Madden 17 Save Sports Commentary in Video Games?

The only thing worse than sports commentary is sports commentary in video games. But the next edition of EA's flagship franchise could change that.
Matt Porter
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The Madden Games Are Now as Much RPGs as They Are Sports Sims

"Madden NFL '16" is pushing experience points to the forefront of the game, allowing players to get deeper into the fantasy of running their favorite teams.
Jason Nawara
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Is the ‘Madden Curse' Real, or Just Amazing Bad Luck?

We spoke to NFL analyst Michael Carlson about the risks players take by appearing on the game's artwork.
Sean Cleaver
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Sports Video Games Won’t Feel Real Until They Get Psychological

The FIFA and Madden games are the best in their respective sports, but both could benefit from better character programming.
Sean McGeady
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‘Madden’ Is the Game That Introduced Me to My Favourite Sport

Football makes next to no sense to beginners, but the video games it inspires help to cut through the language barrier.
Matt Porter
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How the Madden Video Game Franchise Got Lazy and Stale

Thanks to an exclusive license agreement with the NFL, the developers behind Madden haven't had much in the way of competition for years, and their games have suffered as a result.
Grant Pardee