How to Photograph Terrorism

Magnum photographer Peter van Agtmael's latest work is a collection of photos documenting the history of ISIS.


Decades of Afghanistan's Brutal History in Photos

We spoke to Steve McCurry about his new book, 'Afghanistan'.


Magnum Photographers On Their Most Empathetic Image

From Bruce Davidson's picture of Coney Island's fireworks to David Alan Harvey's French teenagers smoking and kissing, each tells a story about a moment of connection.


Magnum Photographers Share Their Most Intimate Photos

Some exclusive images from "Up Close & Personal: The Most Intimate Photos from Magnum."


The Polar Extremes of Communities Behind California's 'Redwood Curtain'

Underneath the grandeur of nature, the struggles of small-town life are found.


Occupied Pleasures

These photos show the little nuggets of happiness and light that Palestinians experience while living under the harsh conditions of occupation in the West Bank.


Susan Meiselas & Magnum Foundation Present Olga Kravets

Incredible photos from the paradoxical world of Chechnya.


Photos of the Most Vulnerable People in Bangladesh

Dhaka's pavement dwellers have few means to survive in a political, social, and economic environment that virtually ignores them.


Susan Meiselas & Magnum Foundation Present Seven Emerging Photojournalists

We are living in a transforming media industry that offers fewer resources and funding opportunities to support in-depth documentation of pressing issues with creative vision than it did in previous decades.


Night Journeys in Sète

Each year, the photo festival image Singulières invites a photographer to the little southern French town of Sète to make a series of photographs. During my time there, I wandered around and, attracted by the atmosphere of the night, became curious...


Welcome to the Photo Issue 2015

The artists in this issue work at the crossroads of photojournalism and art. Their approaches are diverse, but they share a knack for capturing the images that exist as resonant frequencies amid the cacophony.


These Photographs Rescued from the Archives of Magnum Photographers Can Be Yours

Signed prints by some of the greatest living photographers are for sale for $100 each for the next three days only.