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The Second Coming

The Men Who Believe They're Jesus

We spoke to photographer Jonas Bendiksen about his new book, for which he photographed seven guys who publicly claim to be the Messiah.
Oliver Lunn

Magnum Photographers On Their Most Empathetic Image

From Bruce Davidson's picture of Coney Island's fireworks to David Alan Harvey's French teenagers smoking and kissing, each tells a story about a moment of connection.
VICE Staff

You Will Change: Magnum Photographer Larry Towell Has Advice for Young Photojournalists

"I think the work speaks for itself, I think it will always speak for itself. If the intent is right, it will find an audience—maybe small, I don't know if that's bad. And you never know if you're involved in a struggle, social or political. You never...
Aaron Vincent Elkaim
Vice Blog

The New Photojournalism: A Panel Discussion for the 2015 VICE Photo Show

To celebrate the launch of our Photo Issue in collaboration with Magnum Photos, and the opening of our 2015 Photo Show (co-curated by Magnum's Larry Towell), VICE has asked some of our favourite photography people to come together and discuss the...
VICE Staff

The 2015 VICE Canada Photo Show Is Coming

To celebrate the launch of the Photo Issue, VICE Canada will be hosting our annual Photo Show in Toronto and Montreal. On top of that, we're excited to announce that the show was co-curated by legendary, award-winning photographer Larry Towell.
VICE Staff
The Off the Deep End Issue

A Photographic Survey of Russia’s Borders

Depicting the vast outline of the world's largest country in one photographic series is a daunting prospect. Russia's border meets with 16 other nations (not including Abkhazia and South Ossetia), and at more than 12,000 miles long, it spans almost...
Maria Gruzdeva

These Photographs Rescued from the Archives of Magnum Photographers Can Be Yours

Signed prints by some of the greatest living photographers are for sale for $100 each for the next three days only.
VICE Photography
The True Crime Issue

The Face of Camden

The Magnum photographer has always preferred to take pictures “close,” working not by classic fly-on-the-wall documentarian methodology but by getting so up in the action that there’s little chance anything can be lost in the distance between point A...
Gideon Jacobs

Looking Back at Danny Lyon's Iconic 1960s Photos of Bikers

The photographer's classic 1968 book <i>The Bikeriders</i> is the result of Lyon following around the Chicago Outlaws motorcycle gang for four years and documenting their brutal but free lifestyle.
Sophie Butcher
VICE Loves Magnum

Humans Become More Honest When We're Pushed to Our Limits

Michael Christopher Brown documents places and people in transition—occasionally eschewing a camera for a camera phone. From Libya, to Russia, to Broadway, to his current base in Goma, eastern Congo, Brown said he explores the “relationship between...
Oscar Rickett
VICE Loves Magnum

Alessandra Sanguinetti Photographs the Drama of the Countryside

She Found the Meaning of Life on the Sprawling Plains of Argentina
Bruno Bayley
VICE Loves Magnum

David Alan Harvey's Beautiful Photos of Poverty and Beach Parties

He's been everywhere from the dirt-poor towns of Virginia to the dirt-poor <i>favelas</i> of Rio de Janeiro, along the way amassing an amazing portfolio of startling images. We talked to him about where he comes from.
Christian Storm