All States Need Emergency Contraception Vending Machines

Six new laws expanding reproductive health care access go into effect in Maine this week, which raises the question: Why not everywhere else?
Harron Walker
4 days ago

This Is How America Is Failing Its Young Opioid Generation

Jeremy was young and addicted. Over six years, he was let down over and over again by the very system that was meant to help him.
Jack Dodson
Invisible Jobs

A Day in the Life of a US Home Health Aide Earning $13 an Hour

Home care workers take care of our most vulnerable populations for rock-bottom pay in a high-turnover job that is both tough and rewarding.
Rick Paulas
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Terrifying New Stephen King Series 'Castle Rock' Finally Has a Release Date

This is going to be a spooky-ass summer.
River Donaghey
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Cops Seized a Bag of Human Cremains Because They Thought It Was Heroin

In some kind of 'Nathan for You' episode come to life.
River Donaghey
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One Republican's Plan to Stop Mass Shootings: Fire Extinguishers

Because that'll stop gunmen right in their tracks.
Drew Schwartz

High School Refs in Maine are Giving Technical Fouls for Dunking

A rarely-enforced rule that prohibits "grasping the rim" on dunks is all of a sudden being called in the Maine high school state tournament.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Why Vermont's legal weed law is going to disappoint stoners

It could be nearly a year before the state allows recreational sales.
Josh Marcus
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Canadians Ripped Apart an American Historic Site with Chainsaws

Never assume Canadians are nice and polite—we are ruthless chainsaw wielding marauders when your beloved building washes up on our shores.
Mack Lamoureux

milo is Here to Tell You You’re Wrong about Rap Music

We meet up with the indie emcee in Los Angeles to discuss aging rappers, underground heroes, and his quest to do this shit harder than anyone else.
Will Schube
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Chronic pain patients are suffering from Maine's strict opioid laws

Seth Dalton
Cassie Giraldo
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A Terrifying Drunk Clown Was Arrested with a Machete Taped to His Arm

The masked culprit told the cops that he had been inspired by the wave of creepy clown sightings around the country last year.
Drew Schwartz