Canada Bans Whale and Dolphin Captivity

The House of Commons voted in favour of Bill S-203, which sets out to protect cetaceans from the trauma of confinement for entertainment purposes.


The World's Most Poisonous Creatures Could Get You High and Save Your Life

In her new book, Venomous, molecular biologist Christie Wilcox goes in-depth exploring the culture and history of venom. VICE sat down with her for a chat about her interest in the world's deadliest creatures.


A Lady and Her Service Kangaroo Got Kicked Out of a Wisconsin McDonald's

A customer called the cops when he noticed that the furry thing in the stroller wearing a diaper was a kangaroo.


Science Has Figured Out Why Bears Go Down on Each Other, and It's Depressing

The "provider" bear just kept sucking on the "receiver" bear's penis until it reached sexual maturity, at which time it realized it was a lucky bear, and the behavior never had any reason to stop.