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'GLOW' Is Netflix's Best Show in Years

The 1980s-set wrestling series might just reinvigorate Netflix—and television as a whole.
Pilot Viruet

Netflix’s New 80s Women’s Wrestling Drama is Your Next Binge Watch

Watch the exclusive trailer for 'GLOW' starring Alison Brie and Marc Maron.
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Bruce Springsteen Thinks Trump Has Let a Racist 'Genie Out of the Bottle'

The 67-year-old musician told Marc Maron that he thinks Trump's election has ignited a storm of intolerance in America and that he doubts the president-elect's competency.
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Immortal Technique Threw Lin-Manuel Miranda in a Trash Can in High School

“Felipe” was Miranda’s school bully. But the ‘Hamilton’ writer is proud of his classmate for growing up to channel the rage.
Alex Robert Ross

Matthew McConaughey Goes For His Second Oscar in the New Trailer for ‘Gold’

Alright, alright, alright.
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Netflix's New Series 'Easy' Makes Dating Look Like the Hellscape It Truly Is

Mumblecore master Joe Swanburg brings together a cast of A-listers to show us how hard it can be to find love in a modern world saturated with mobile dating apps and shifting cultural norms.
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We Talked to Podcasters 'Uhh Yeah Dude' About Why It’s Better to be Happy Than Rich

No guests, no ads, no themes, no gimmicks—how could this not succeed?
Jess Carroll

Podcasts Aren't Dead, They're Just Getting Started

A-list celebrities and President Obama have made appearances on podcasts—and yet, most people still don't know what a podcast is.
Justin Caffier

Dissecting the Weirdest Parts of Marc Maron's Interview with President Obama

There weren't any major gaffes, but podcast interviews tend to be weird and rudderless, and this one was no disappointment.
Mike Pearl
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Listen to Marc Maron Interview President Obama on His 'WTF' Podcast

Obama squeezed into Maron's garage for an earnest chat about being the leader of the free world.
River Donaghey

Stress and Sociopathy at Denver’s High Plains Comedy Festival

In its second year, the event is already looking like a success, giving once-marginal comedians access to the national spotlight.
Josiah M. Hesse

Marc Maron Is the King of Twitter

It comes as no surprise that the most common subject on Maron’s Twitter feed is, you guessed it, Marc Maron. He’s amassed 240,000 Twitter followers, created the one of the most popular podcasts on the internet, netted his own IFC show and got a book...
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