marie calloway

    • 3.13.14

      Hill William Sings Ghost Country

      Writers are traditionally very bad singers, but author Scott McClanahan is an exception to this rule. I’ve watched him silence a whole bar full of drunkards by belting out a spontaneous a cappella number more than a few times. Now his musical prowess...

    • 6.26.13

      Marie Calloway on Her New Novel and Being Called "Jailbait"

      "I wondered if I should go into his apartment." That line opens Marie Calloway's debut novel, what purpose did i serve in your life. She does go in, and the following 240 pages are what happens next. Reviews and comments about Calloway’s novel...

    • 8.21.12

      Thank U for Touching Me

      Kip went down on me while Christopher kissed me and then my breasts. The feeling of having two men touch me at the same time was pleasurable but tainted by the worry that afterwards they would think less of me. It was interesting to me, the way that...