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California’s legal weed farms are replacing trimmigrants with immigrants

Rising tensions highlight the problems with the agriculture industry’s reliance on a mostly undocumented workforce.


Weed stocks were on a high — then they got crushed

Experts warn that volatility in cannabis stocks will continue for the rest of 2018


After years of shutting out Canada's cannabis industry, BMO has broken the ice

"The big banks had been treating us worse than second-class citizens."


Canopy Growth AGM highlights tensions between Big Weed and the black market

“We want Trudeau to look great, and the Liberals to look good, because that’s good for us.”


Canadian weed producers want to advertise like beer companies

“There is ample evidence to show marijuana is a more benign substance than alcohol.”


The government is seriously ramping up the number of licensed weed producers

In the last 9 days, Health Canada has issued 5 licenses to grow pot — a five-fold increase


Canadian investors want a piece of the American weed pie

Despite the distant prospect of legalization, Canadian companies see potential in the U.S. cannabis sector


The Canadian marijuana industry is facing a supply crunch

“The government is going to have to double the amount of licenses to ensure sufficient supply by July 2018.”


Venture capitalists descend on Canada’s marijuana industry

Montreal-based Hyasynth Bio makes THC from yeast, and is catching the attention of investors


Talking Weed Business with America's First Cannabis-Focused Startup Accelerator

We talked with the founder of Canopy, an accelerator that adopts fledgling weed-related companies and helps them get ready for the next level.


Big Businesses and Nick Lachey Are Trying to Dominate Ohio's Future Legal Weed Industry

Ohio will vote Tuesday on a ballot initiative that would end marijuana prohibition, but create a monopoly on the legal weed industry in the state.


Native American Tribes Are Looking to Cash in on the Legal Weed Industry

Native American tribes have used their sovereign status to provide some of America's most beloved vices. Now some are wondering if legal marijuana could be their next big business venture.