Marine Le Pen


The VICE Morning Bulletin

White House claws back call for new age limits on guns, Nepal plane crash kills almost 50, Kim Jong Un may seek peace treaty with US, and more.


Police charge Marine Le Pen for posting images of a beheaded American journalist

"I am being charged for having condemned the horrors of Daesh."


VICE Morning Bulletin

American Otto Warmbier dies after release from North Korea, Senate Democrats hold 'talk-a-thon' against Trumpcare, special election day in Georgia, and more.


France's Front National Fans Aren't Giving Up Yet

We spent some time in Marseilles with campaigners who are determined to see Le Pen "fix" their country.


Emmanuel Macron, Vanquisher of The Far-Right and Extremely Average Left-Back

According to reports in France, Emmanuel Macron was once officially registered as the left-back for a Parisian amateur team. Always stopping right-wingers in their tracks, amirite.


French Muslims know their fight doesn’t end with Marine Le Pen

France elected Emmanuel Macron, but the poorer suburbs of Paris remain scarred by Marine Le Pen's repeated attacks that demonized their communities.


A History of the National Front

How did a small, marginalised party end up the potential winner of today's French presidential election?


Newcomer Emmanuel Macron wins French election in landslide rejection of populism

Macron’s win in the runoff election reveals a rebuke of the right-wing, populist threats sweeping France, Europe, and the world.


How the French Media Turned Emmanuel Macron Into a Presidential Candidate

A sociologist explains what he thinks the media have to gain if the French centrist candidate wins.