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J. Cole Is Very Worried About Markelle Fultz

"I pray for Markelle 'cause they fucked up his shot," Cole raps on 21 Savage's new album, 'i am > i was.'
Alex Robert Ross

Markelle Fultz is Why We Should Leave Medical Diagnoses to the Experts

Most people writing and opining about Markelle Fultz's strange start to his NBA career are not doctors. That's a problem.
Corbin Smith
the outlet pass

The Outlet Pass: The Highs and Lows of Markelle Fultz's Return

Also: Exploring LeBron James at center, Marcus Morris's 180 with the Celtics, Eric Gordon's clever handle, Andre Iguodala without Steph Curry, and more.
Michael Pina

Markelle Fultz Finally Found His Shooting Form

Sure, it's a full-court, behind-the-back shot. But whatever works, amirite?
Liam Daniel Pierce
2017 NBA draft

The VICE Sports Guide to the 2017 NBA Draft

Markelle Fultz, Lonzo Ball, and beyond—everything you need to know about the draft's stars and sleepers.
VICE Sports Staff
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Stu Jackson Thinks Harry Giles Will Be the Best Player from the 2017 Draft

The former NBA executive and current NBA TV analyst talks to VICE Sports about the biggest names and potential sleepers heading into this year's draft.
Michael Pina
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Boston Is Preemptively Protecting Itself from Criticism on Fultz Trade

Hours after the deal became public, the Celtics front office started questioning Markelle Fultz's ability to be "a winner."
Corbin Smith

With Markelle Fultz Trade Official, Sixers Fans Launch "RT Armageddon"

The day of Twitter reckoning, when Sixers fans would retweet everyone who ever doubted The Process, arrived on Monday.
David Roth
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The Lakers Avoided Disaster in the Draft Lottery

The lottery gods shined on Los Angeles once again. By keeping their pick for the 2017 draft, the Lakers suddenly have a whole lot of paths toward a very bright future.
​Jared Dubin

Does the NBA Care That Markelle Fultz's College Team Didn't Win?

Markelle Fultz looks like a prototypical NBA point guard, and could be the top pick in the 2017 draft. Does it matter that his Washington team was terrible?
Sam Vecenie