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Should 'Late Adolescence' Protect Young People from Execution?

The years between 18 and 21 are a sort of societal limbo period when, in most states, you can't drink, but you can smoke—and get sentenced to die.
Beth Schwartzapfel

All the Times Black People (Actually) Infiltrated the Ku Klux Klan

You've seen the Chappelle skit and maybe even the new Spike Lee movie, but these IRL cases are even crazier.
Vee Wright

A Cop Explains Why Curfews Don't Work

How a 90s panic spawned a toxic trend that doesn’t make you safer and can target kids of color.
Ivonne Roman
Life Inside

The Man Who Almost Killed Me Only Did 120 Days in Jail

Before I knew it, my trainer had wrapped my face and head in Saran wrap and was beating me and smashing my head into the wall.
Patricia Wenskunas
true crime

The Man with the Stolen Name

They know what he did—including that he voted for Donald Trump. They just don’t know who he is.
Justin George
Life Inside

What It's Like to Deliver Death Sentences

I ran for office and took the oath knowing that the death penalty would be part of my job, whether I liked it or not.
Mike Lynch

The Guy Prisoners Call When They're Betrayed from the Outside

Peter Borenstein is a young LA attorney who's carved out a niche helping ex-prisoners who believe they were the victim of fraud or theft while locked up.
Eli Hager

In Louisiana, the Poor Face the Death Penalty Without a Lawyer

A years-long public defender crisis in one of the harshest states in America keeps getting uglier.
Eli Hager
Life Inside

I Deliver Bad News to Victims of Horrible Crimes

One of the worst parts about being a prosecutor is telling victims their attacker's conviction got overturned—or that a family member is dead.
Jean Peters Baker

America's Strange Array of Punishments for Small-Time Theft

You can go to prison in Florida for a $300 crime, but the threshold for felony theft is $2,500 in Wisconsin.
Marella Gayla

What Are Inmates Learning in Prison? Not Much

A new survey of 2,000 federal prisoners paints an ugly picture of education behind bars, where one inmate said his geology class consisted of 'Planet Earth' episodes.
Justin George
Life Inside

Prison Is Killing My Prison Romance

The only thing worse than being alone in prison is meeting someone and then losing them because of where you are.
Arthur Longworth