Cursed Music

Whatever You Do, Don't Listen to This Kendrick Lamar/"Take On Me" Mashup

"Backseat Freestyle" aligns perfectly with a-ha's 80s earworm, but that doesn't mean that you should play it on repeat or even—God forbid—enjoy it. No, you should avoid it for fear of being cursed.
Alex Robert Ross
Internet Exploring

Listen to Drake Vibing the Hell Out on Jazzy 9th Wonder Beats

DJ Critical Hype follows up his Kendrick Lamar/Dr. Dre mixtape with another set of mashups called "More 9th."
Phil Witmer
Internet Exploring

Here's the Drake/Game of Thrones Mashup Tape You Never Asked For

Don't lie though, you kinda did want this.
Phil Witmer

There Should Be More TV Crossovers

The world is burning, let my favourite characters roam free!
Celeste Yim
Holy Shit

Go Now, Play With This Mid-2000s Mashup Machine

The Magic iPod lets you lay 2007’s best rap vocals over the same year’s pop-punk classics, inviting the divine to touch us all.
Alex Robert Ross
Internet Exploring

Steely Danzig Is the Mashup That Combines and Steely Dan and, You Guessed It, Danzig

"Tell your children not to do my dirty work."
Dan Ozzi
Internet Exploring

Someone Compiled Sufjan Stevens/Drake Mashups Because What Else Does One Do on the Internet

We'll admit it, "Get Real Get Fuckin Right" is a clever title.
Phil Witmer

Were Mashups Literally the Worst Thing Ever?

Rap over folk? Grime over EDM? Polka over Balinese gamelan? Kill us please!
Josh Baines
the worst things of all time

Please, for the Love of God, Stop with All These Shitty Mashups

Like a joke told so many times that the joker is crimson in face, frothing at the mouth, and being restrained by the authorities, the mashup has reached peak overkill.
Daisy Jones
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Some Fucking Genius Mashed Up Bone Thugs-n-Harmony with Sesame Street

Grover and Elmo will see you at tha crossroads.
Dan Ozzi
2005 week

We Want the Airwaves: An Oral History of LA’s Indie 103.1, Commercial Radio’s Greatest Failed Experiment

A decade after its heyday, Indie's legacy stands as a last-ditch effort to revive commercial alternative radio.
Liz Ohanesian
Internet Exploring

That 'Dinosaurs' / Notorious B.I.G. Mashup Some Fucking Genius Made Got "Hypnotize" Back on the Billboard Chart

Hooray for us, the people of the internet.
Dan Ozzi