Is Harry Potter the Jesus of a New Generation?

Millions are giving the series a close read through a spiritual lens.
Caroline Thompson

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Jury acquits leaders of Oregon standoff, 141 arrested at North Dakota pipeline protest, Hillary Clinton is reportedly considering Joe Biden for Secretary of State, and more.
VICE Staff

Intimate Photos From Inside Mecca During the World's Largest Gathering

I was among the roughly two million Muslims who made the Hajj to Mecca last year. This is what I saw.
Yasin Osman

We Asked an Expert What Would Happen if Saudi Arabia and Iran Went to War

As tensions between the two Middle Eastern powers intensify, is there actually a chance of a shooting war breaking out? And how disastrous would that be?
Brian McManus
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Iran Has Banned Its Citizens from Making Pilgrimages to Mecca

The ban is the latest sign that relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran are rapidly deteriorating.
River Donaghey

Everything We Know So Far About the Deadly Crane Collapse in Mecca

At least 87 are dead at Islam's holiest site.
Mike Pearl
Popping the Marks

Killing the Ones You Love for the Love of God

Like Abraham, my father believed he was ordered by God to put a knife to his son’s throat.
Michael Muhammad Knight
Popping the Marks

Paris Hilton in Mecca

Paris Hilton’s new store in Mecca is not “poisoning the holy city.” Mecca has been overrunning with assholes long before Islam. If you’re trying to find peace and avoid shitty people, don’t go there for hajj, just go on vacation or smoke blunt.
Michael Muhammad Knight
Popping the Marks

The Theological Consequences of Seeing Hulk Hogan’s Penis

Being surprised that Hulk Hogan has a sex tape is kind of like being surprised that there’s a Burger King in Mecca. The “sacred/profane” binary often turns out to be artificial, but sometimes we need to imagine that the binary exists. The time will...
Michael Muhammad Knight