a day ago

The White House is Very Sorry About That Fake Video of Trump Mass Murdering the Media

The video was played at a pro-Trump conference that was held at a Trump property. The White House says it had nothing to do with it.

4 days ago

Shep Smith Is Leaving Fox News

The daytime anchor was a straight-ahead newsman in contrast to Fox News' opinionated primetime hosts.

5 days ago

Private Equity Vultures Killed Splinter. Your Company Could Be Next

The progressive website was a victim of the same forces that have bankrupted companies like Sears and Toys R Us.


Trump’s Impeachment Story Has Already Morphed Into a White Savior Narrative

Members like Maxine Waters and The Squad sounded the impeachment alarm early. So why were their actions cast aside as irrational?


The LAPD’s Job Ad Ending Up on Breitbart Is Hardly a Mystery

There is probably not any great conspiracy at work here to discredit the LAPD.


Canadian Media Is Very Politely Covering a Far-Right Party

Despite being a non-factor at the polls, Maxime Bernier's People's Party is being treated credibly by mainstream media and the Leaders' Debates Commission.


What I Saw Inside the Messy, Desperate Chaos of the UN Climate Summit

Under rapidly approaching deadlines to keep global warming to a tolerable level, too many world leaders seem unable or unwilling to act.


The .01 Percent Freakout Over Elizabeth Warren Just Makes Her More Powerful

Wall Street is vocally unhappy with the idea of a Warren presidency. That's kind of the point.


Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s Allegedly Nonfiction Memoir Should Be Fact-Checked

The infamously truth-challenged former White House press secretary's book is dropping in 2020.


Media Is Crawling With Bugs

Roaches at the 'Washington Post.' Bedbugs at the 'New York Times.' Some sort of carpenter ant situation at VICE. What's with all the bugs?


Bernie Sanders Thinks We May Want to Tax Silicon Valley to Save Journalism

His plan would bring back FCC media ownership rules that limit a company’s ability to own newspapers and TV stations in the same markets.


Why Is Failed Professional Liar Sean Spicer on 'Dancing with the Stars'?

Re-framing dangerously incompetent political figures as “fun” is careless and deeply troubling.