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Michael Avenatti Allegedly Stole $300,000 From Stormy Daniels

Federal prosecutors slapped the attorney and onetime cable news fixture with two new indictments.
David Uberti

‘Slave’ to NXIVM ‘Sex Cult’ Leader Pleads Guilty to Racketeering

Lauren Salzman, recruiter for a secret group that allegedly branded women, entered a sealed plea Monday.
Sarah Berman
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Stormy Daniels is now free to talk about Trump as much as she wants

A judge threw out her lawsuit because her NDA with Trump is "not enforceable."
Carter Sherman
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Naturally, Michael Avenatti Owes More Than a Million Dollars in Taxes

A new report shows that the 2020 hopeful has a shady financial history that rivals the current president's.
Eve Peyser

The GOP is releasing bizarre statements from ex-boyfriends of Kavanaugh accusers

Republicans have turned to the most credible of sources: disgruntled exes.
Emma Ockerman
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Michael Avenatti Wants to Be President and I Want to Die

Stormy Daniels's lawyer wants to be president. Please God, no.
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Michael Cohen and Michael Avenatti's Petty Beef, Explained by a Lawyer

Can Trump's lawyer block Stormy Daniels's lawyer from appearing in court because he's an asshole?
Charles Star
Michael Cohen

Everything you need to know about the dossier linking Trump's lawyer to payments from a Russian oligarch

"Mr. Trump and Mr. Cohen have a lot of explaining to do."
David Gilbert
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Trump and Cohen want their lawyers on the “taint team” screening raided documents

Lawyers for Trump and Cohen battle U.S. Attorneys and a lawyer for Stormy Daniels.
Taylor Dolven
A Stormy affair

Stormy Daniels was threatened with physical harm, lawyer says

Her lawyer also said that six additional women have to come forward with stories similar to Daniels'.
Rex Santus