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Welcome to the Saudi Arabia vs. Canada Troll War

We offer to sell the Saudis $15 billion in weapons to be used for war crimes in Yemen and this is the thanks we get? Rude.
Drew Brown

Mass Killings Won't Change America's Relationship with Israel

Dozens of civilians are dead and thousands more injured in the latest outburst of insane violence in Gaza. Yet the US debate seems frozen.
Matt Taylor

Seven Years of Syria

VICE traveled to the Syria-Lebanon border to meet teen refugees whose youth has been destroyed by war.
Maddison Connaughton
Inside Outsider

No-Go Zone: Life as a Freelance War Photographer

Australia's Luke Cody explains how he manages fear and stays alive.
Mahmood Fazal
Seven Years of Syria

What it's Like to Turn 18 in a Syrian Refugee Camp

This week marks the seventh anniversary of the Syrian War. Meet some of the young people who've grown up amidst its chaos.
Andrew Quilty

Israel and Iran Are Inching Closer to Actual War

A wayward drone, airstrikes, a downed Israeli jet—here's what this weekend's scuffle means for the coming year in a volatile region.
Matt Taylor

Inside the Private Spaces Women Can Call Their Own

Rania Matar's photos of teen girls in their bedrooms celebrate similarities between America and the Middle East.
Elyssa Goodman
middle east

How Trump Can (and Probably Will) Botch the Iran Situation

The president has been more vocal in support of the latest round of protests than Obama was. But his travel ban and threat of sanctions mean trouble for activists.
Mark Hay

The Lebanese Belly Dancer Who's 'Too Queer' for His Country

Belly-dancer, singer, and artist Moe Khansa turns masculinity on its head in the Middle East.
Kirsten O'Regan

Trump's New Israel Policy Could Make the World a Lot More Dangerous

There have already been a handful of violent incidents possibly connected to the US recognizing Jerusalem as the country's capital—and that might just be the tip of the iceberg.
Mark Hay
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Doug Jones upsets Roy Moore in Alabama, Tillerson wants a sit-down with North Korea, Turkey calls for recognition of Palestinian capital in Jerusalem, and more.
VICE Staff
Insider Outsider

Hijabs and Hypocrisy: Saudi Arabia's New Driving Laws

Saudi Arabian women can drive now, but where to?
Mahmood Fazal