migrant workers


Migrant Workers Are Nervous About BC Government’s Registry Plans

Will an incoming temporary foreign worker registry improve employment conditions, or push migrants out of the country?
Jamie Maxwell

A Lawyer Explains the Struggles Faced by Migrant Farm Workers

Following the latest episode of 'Balls Deep,' we take a deeper look into the struggles that migrant sheepherders face.
Sarah Bellman

Scottish Soccer Fans Are Boycotting Tonight's Friendly Game with Qatar

Probably the worst time to play a meaningless exhibition game is when your opposition is embroiled in the biggest corruption scandal in soccer history.
Liam Turbett

Separatist Movements and Sectarian Tensions Turned Violent in India This Week

Muslim immigrants and migrant workers are being targeted by separatists forces in the northeast of India. The violence is escalating, but the problem has been around for decades.
Mark Hay

I Confronted Donald Trump in Dubai

Donald Trump's hair should not be. It sits on his head like a soufflé, both airy and solid, as improbable as any building to which he’s given his name. At a press conference last month, I asked him about the paltry wages his company pays to the migrant...
Molly Crabapple

To Be Raped or to Become a Prostitute

Foreign domestic workers in Beirut often have to chose between facing sexual abuse at the houses they clean or trying to escape and being swept into the underworld of prostitution. Both traffickers and those trying to stop the trafficking agree that...
Mat Nashed

'Gulf Futurism' Is Killing People

Migrant workers are paying the ultimate price for the Blade Runner fantasies of oil princes.
Nathalie Olah

Fun and Games at Italy's Largest Immigrant Ghetto

The Rignano Ghetto is located in the countryside near Foggia, in the region of Apulia, in southern Italy. It was formed spontaneously more than 15 years ago, after the evacuation of an abandoned sugar mill, which had served as accommodation for foreign...
Marco P. Valli

Canada Treats Migrant Workers Horribly

There has never been a coroner's inquest into one of the many deaths of migrant workers in Ontario.
Dave Dean